This past glorious Saturday (in what has been a string of bizarre, glorious sunny days up here in VT), the wonderful folks at The Flying Pig Bookstore hosted a celebration of No Easy Way Out at which there were…











Talking about exciting stuff like my history with malls, my theories on suspense and writing trilogies, and how the amazing No Safety team at Dial (headed by my fabulous editor Kathy Dawson:) and I came up with three crazy four-word titles all beginning with “No” and vaguely based on popular aphorisms (or, in one case, a Tom Petty song:)




I showed off some of my revision tools, like my post-it note storyboards, insanely detailed outlines, and mostly incomprehensible mind maps.





There were also…




We played some Book 1 Trivia and then headed outside for a relay race to pack our Go Bags (or Bug-Out Bags…whatever term you’re into:)


Finally, there were…



I wish I could send one to each of you. They were quite delicious…:)


Thank you to everyone who came out to help me celebrate No Easy Way Out! And thanks especially to Josie and Elizabeth at the Flying Pig Bookstore!

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