The Storm

Warriors and Guardians of Ga’Hoole fans have a new animal adventure series to sink their teeth into!

When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him, Shep the German Shepard is confused. Where is his boy? Will he ever return? And what will Shep do in the meantime, now that the extra bowls of food — not to mention all those tasty things he found in the big cold box — are gone?

Then another dog shows up at Shep’s window and convinces him to escape. There’s food outside, and a whole empty city to explore. Shep just wants to go home . . . but the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning.

“Curl up with your kibble and savor this incredible story of dogs left behind when a hurricane sweeps through their city. Dayna Lorentz has delivered a book with bite – and a great heart.”

Kathryn Lasky, Author of the bestselling Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Wolves of the Beyond series

“Lorentz effectively tells her tale from a dog’s perspective… The humor and adventures throughout make this one a page-turner.”


“If a dog wrote a book about the adventures of a dog, it would sound almost exactly like this…”

Kirkus Reviews

“[T]he scenes are highly descriptive and the action is steadily paced… Youngsters will appreciate Shep’s scrappiness as he fights off his vicious opponents and will undoubtedly be waiting for the next two installments for the conclusion.”

School Library Journal

The Pack

The storm has passed — but the adventure has just begun!

Fans of WARRIORS and WOLVES OF THE BEYOND have a new animal adventure series to sink their teeth into!

Shep the German shepherd doesn’t know why his family has left him alone, nor does he understand the terrible, shrieking storm that tears apart his city. He just knows that the new pack of dogs he’s met are his best chance at survival — especially now that they’ve made enemies of the wild dogs in the city. Can Shep keep his new friends safe until his family — maybe — returns?

“[An] ambitious, thoughtful book… [A]ction fans will love the climax,… Adventure lovers will enjoy the cliffhanger ending, and political junkies will wonder if dogs are more advanced than we are.”

Kirkus Reviews

The Return

The heart-pounding conclusion to the DOGS OF THE DROWNED CITY trilogy brings the dogs home — but can they go back to being pets?

Shep and his pack have survived a terrible storm and fought off a pack of vicious wild dogs. Now the dog pack must face their greatest challenge yet: finding their way back to their families.

Now that the humans have returned to the city, Shep knows he wants to find his boy. But there are so many other dogs to help, and so many dangers along the way. Worst of all is Shep’s fear — now that he’s learned to live Outside, will he be able to find happiness again as a pet?