No Safety in Numbers

Life As We Knew It meets Lord of the Flies in a mall that looks just like yours

A biological bomb has just been discovered in the air ducts of a busy suburban mall. At first nobody knows if it’s even life threatening, but then the entire complex is quarantined, people start getting sick, supplies start running low, and there’s no way out. Among the hundreds of trapped shoppers are four teens.

These four different narrators, each with their own stories, must cope in unique, surprising styles, changing in ways they wouldn’t have predicted, trying to find solace, safety, and escape at a time when the adults are behaving badly.

This is a gripping look at people and how they can–and must–change under the most dire of circumstances.

And not always for the better.

2013 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers pick

“A nightmare scenario plays out in a shopping mall, and a group of very different teens must strategize to survive in this engrossing . . . thriller. . . . A whopping and disturbing cliffhanger serves as the conclusion.”

Kirkus Reviews

“[Lorentz’s] detailed depiction of the escalating chaos over the course of seven long days is deeply unsettling. . . . [a] riveting disaster novel.”

The New York Times Book Review

“This tense trilogy opener takes its time establishing the memorably diverse and sympathetic characters, while foreshadowing and vivid staging . . . build a sense of claustrophobia and desperation.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Think of the heart-racing chase of The Hunger Games but a giant mall is your arena and everyone is potentially a tribute.”

No Easy Way Out

It’s been seven days since Lexi, Ryan, Marco, Shay, and thousands of other shoppers were quarantined in their suburban mall. Seven days of no showers, no information, limited food and rising panic. Seven days of watching as a mystery virus sweeps through the mall, killing hundreds of people.

The government has pulled out, leaving the shoppers to their fate. Lexi’s mother, a senator, takes charge; she enforces strict rules, and uses Marco to help control the rule-breakers, most of whom are also teens. But Marco has his own agenda, and begins a dangerous game, playing all the angles. Caught in his web are Shay, Lexi, Ryan, Mike and Drew.

But unbeknownst to all of them, it’s not just Marco who can’t be trusted, and as the days pass, each of them will learn the price of making a mistake.

Survival becomes a deadly sport in this pounding, relentless rush that will keep you guessing until the end.

“Unnervingly plausible”


“It isn’t the terrible circumstances changing them; the quarantine is the catalyst to act on their desire to become the person they want to be, for better or worse.”

School Library Journal

“[T]he story line is increasingly reminiscent—in a good way—of Michael Grant’s Gone series.”


No Dawn Without Darkness

First–a bomb released a deadly flu virus and the entire mall was quarantined.

Next–the medical teams evacuated and the windows were boarded up just before the virus mutated.

Now–the power is out and the mall is thrown into darkness. Shay, Marco, Lexi, Ryan, and Ginger aren’t the same people they were two weeks ago. Just like the virus, they’ve had to change in order to survive. And not all for the better. When no one can see your face, you can be anyone you want to be, and, when the doors finally open, they may not like what they’ve become.

If you think it’s silly to be afraid of the dark, you’re wrong.

Very wrong.

“[No Dawn Without Darkness] provides a thoughtful and broad-reaching ending to a tale of surviving dire circumstances.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A chilling conclusion to a gripping trilogy.”

School Library Journal

“Self-anointed king Marco remains a fantastic, complex character, and the extended denouement is rather poignant.”


“Fires burning, different factions of teens attacking each other, people still sick from the virus, the third book has it all.”