No Safety in Pumpkins

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Cupcakes - Skype Visit

No Safety in Cupcakes

I have had the most awesome few weeks! On October 16th, I had the pleasure of Skyping with students at Cavallini Middle School in Upper Saddle River, NJ as a part of Teen Read Week. The students were fabulous and asked great questions, all while snacking on some of the coolest cupcakes ever! Their amazing librarian even printed out my instructions on how to properly eat a cupcake, so I didn’t have to scold anyone for just eating them straight out of the wrapper:)

Then, last weekend, I had the honor of attending the Texas Book Festival in Austin, TX. They really know how to make an author feel special.


No Safety in Flamingos

First up was an amazing party in this lovely person’s *house* (and by house, I mean three story mansion in the heart of the city complete with rooftop pool) where all the authors got to hang out and drink wine. And authors are never happier than when lazing in lounge chairs on a roof in a summer-like clime as the sun sets all while drinking bottomless glasses of wine…or maybe that’s just me:)

Next was an awesome lit crawl event in a CEMETERY at night.

Adam rockin' a retelling of Snow White

Adam rockin’ a retelling of Snow White

I read scary stories with Adam Gidwitz and Michelle Knudsen all within a very scary, very dark cemetery. Have I mentioned that I, like Ginger, am afraid of the dark? The three of us did rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first–Adam won after a tie paper-paper with me. And he killed it with an awesome retelling of Snow White. Then Michelle read from her new book, Evil Librarian, all while wearing awesome devil horns–which she was kind enough to give me a pair of for my kidlets! Then I read the first chapter of No Safety, just to add a little real-world horror to the evening:)

Devil horns! (We're wearing devil horns, I swear)

Devil horns! (We’re wearing devil horns, I swear)

The next day, I was on a panel with Rick Yancey, straight from the set where The Fifth Wave is being filmed, and Lindsay Cummings where we discussed the finer points of destroying whole worlds, killing characters, the Spanish Flu, and how to make a homemade flamethrower. It was actually a very funny panel:)

Survival 101 Panel

Survival 101 Panel


Rick Yancey, Lindsay Cummings, and ME! at the State Capital

I am so grateful to Penguin and the lovely people at the Texas Book Festival for inviting me down to Austin. And now, back to the writing!

(If you’d like to see more pictures from the Texas Book Festival, check out this awesome collection from Publishers Weekly!)

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