I’m a guest on the Kids Ask Author’s Podcast!

I was so honored to be invited by the fabulous Grace Lin to appear on her awesome podcast, Kids Ask Authors! Check out the interview here or wherever you get your podcasts! The episode includes a book review of Of a Feather by a reader! Thank you for the review, Annalise!

On September 28th, Help Me Launch No Easy Way Out!

Okay, so officially, No Easy Way Out has been launched for a while…But it hasn’t had a party! And it hasn’t had cupcakes! (I made these for the No Safety in Numbers launch… expect the same level of awesome, in slightly different colors…:) So please join me for an awesome afternoon celebrating No Easy Way…

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My Playlist for No Safety in Numbers

Last week was a busy one! I had my first official TV appearance on WCAX, which was scary, but awesome. And the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne hosted my launch event for No Safety in Numbers! Thank you to everyone who came out, and thanks especially to Josie Leavitt and everyone at the Flying Pig…

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Catching up

I know I have been remiss in keeping up with the blog posts the last few weeks, but I have a good excuse–Look! No Safety in Numbers in the WILD!!! Okay, so that’s not really an excuse. It’s a picture of NO SAFETY IN THE WILD! Which is exciting because it means that you can go and…

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