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It’s been…months. I apologize for the delay in–nay, total lack of communication.

But there is some good news! I may not have been writing my Blog, but I have been writing a bunch of other things: In the past twelve months, I have completed two brand-spanking new manuscripts and done a complete-and-thorough, ground-up revision of another. More on them soon! I have also answered all of my back-logged fan email. Fan snail-mail, you’re next!

Phoenix Event - PodiumI have also appeared in various places! I had a most excellent time launching the paperback of No Dawn Without Darkness at Phoenix Books in Burlington, VT. There were cupcakes and coloring pages, and I shared all the crazy charts and graphs and storyboards I use in my revision process.Phoenix Event - Cupcakes

I also was part of a fascinating panel on Authors in the Digital Age as a part of the Dynamic Landscapes conference for Vermont Educators. We got into some interesting conversations about how digital media has transformed writing and reading, and ways in which we authors have had to adapt in this shifting landscape.

I’ve also participated in a number of live and Skype school visits. It’s always such a pleasure to get to speak with readers of my books and answer their questions. One librarian even made No Safety in Numbers themed-cupcakes! Skype Visit CupcakesA woman after my own heart! For my live visits, I talked with local high school students about point of view in YA literature, which is a subject I find endlessly fascinating. As the talk progressed, they got pretty into the subject themselves! I’m currently booking visits for the 2015-2016 school year–contact me to set up one with your students!

In the coming months, I hope to polish up all the books I’ve written into top form. I will be leading a workshop on point of view in YA literature and specifically in writing YA novels in the first person, present tense point of view at the Twain House on September 26. I’d love to work with you on perfecting your craft! And I will be readingreadingreading to prepare for my presentation on Classic and Contemporary literary pairings for the South Burlington Community Library. If you have any ideas or suggestions for literary pairs, please leave a comment below!

On the subject of reading, I’ve hit upon a string of great books. Most recently, my dearest Tui Sutherland introduced me to the most spectacular series of graphic novels, Mr. Pants. These books are completely my sense of humor and I love them. I’m about to start in on reading my mentor and generally all-around-awesome-guy Jim Shepard’s new book, The Book of Aron–grab a copy if you haven’t already!

In less professional news, in the last few months I have also hosted a Power Rangers-themed birthday party for a gaggle of six-year olds; visited my *three* new nieces–so adorable!; helped my two-year-old master a somersault; and set out to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of caring for aging dogs. I’ve found new and wonderful podcasts–Serial and Pop Culture Happy Hour–and as I’ve been sick this week, caught up on some Must-See TV–if you haven’t seen The Jinx, I highly recommend it!

Until next time…hopefully, sooner than six months from now…;)

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