And I’m back!

It’s been a while since my last real blog. But I have a good excuse! Two excuses! A cute excuse, even!

First, back in December, I had a baby! He’s a very cute almost four-month-old now. It’s quite a thing having two children (I also have a four-year-old daughter). I’m amazed that anything writing-wise is possible…

And this leads me to the second thing: I finished a first draft of the final book in the No Safety in Numbers trilogy! I have no idea how I did it, but I did!

When I got to the end of the draft, I felt this incredible sadness. I am going to miss these characters and this story. But I think I’ve drawn things together to a satisfying conclusion. I hope you all think so, too!

To celebrate these two things, as well as the release of No Safety in Numbers in paperback (THIS THURSDAY, April 4th!), I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!

*cue streamers, trumpets, etc.*

So, here it is: Just post in the comments section of this blog post something you’d put in your Go Bag, which is the bag you pack in case the apocalypse sneaks up and destroys the fabric of society.

For example, in my Go Bag, there’s a journal, because I’m definitely going to want to write about the apocalypse and I’ll need my laptop to swat zombies, and a box of pens, because I know the ink will jam up if I pack only one. There’s also a cupcake in a crush-proof box because I’m sure there will be a moment during the end of known civilization where I’m going to need to eat one.

That’s it! Post a comment by Friday, April 19, 2013 at midnight EST and the following could be yours:

  • A complete set of all my books, including (1) all three Dogs of the Drowned City books, (2) a hardcover copy of No Safety in Numbers, and (3)—wait for it—A GALLEY OF NO EASY WAY OUT! Plus bookmarks for both series! All signed by Yours Truly!
  • Two runners-up will receive signed bookmarks for both series.

I’ll announce the winners on Monday, April 22, 2013 on the blog.

Winners and runners-up will be chosen randomly. I have no high-tech way of doing this, so I will simply put the names of all commenters in a hat and let my husband pull three out. Be sure to include an email address in the requested field (only I will be able to see it; don’t put your email in the comment itself!) so that I can get your snail-mail address to send you your prize should you win! The giveaway is open in the U.S. and Canada only.

And for those of you desperate to start reading something RIGHT NOW, there is an excerpt of No Easy Way Out (and by excerpt, I mean around 75 pages…) RIGHT HERE, on my website! (and also on the official No Safety website,


19 Responses to “I’m BACK! And here’s a GIVEAWAY to prove it!”

  1. Kate Fox

    All I need in my go bag is my Bible. No matter how much I could prepare for anything else, only God knows what is coming.

    Can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd books!!

  2. Angelia

    Go bag.. Well, I can’t top your cupcake in a crush-proof box, but my edible foods in the wild book, and my herbal medicine guide are a must. Also, currency/trade goods (post-apocalyptic style).

  3. Ashley R.

    Ooh, thank you for this giveaway! For as much apocalyptic fiction as I read, I have never actually thought about what I would take.

    Being the person I am, I would try to stuff all of my worldly belongings in that bag since I can hardly stand the thought of leaving anything behind. I suppose the one thing I go out of my way to bring is my childhood stuffed animal. It is a small duck that I have had for over 25 years, a gift for my very first Easter. I still keep it around because it is a comfort to me – a security blanket of sorts. If I were thrust into a hopeless, terrifying apocalyptic world, I would want a small token of comfort and security. Everything could be crumbling to the ground around me, but I would still feel safe with my oldest friend and confidant sitting in that GoBag.

    (I would use the extra room to cram in books, photos, my MP3 player, and as much British chocolate as I can fit!)

  4. Tayler Wright

    Hmm…my Go Bag would definitely have bottled water, granola bars, a journal, a bunch of pens, and a machete. And definitely something to read

  5. Sophie Peterson

    In my go bag I would have water, notebook and pen, bible, canned food, book or nook, and my teddy bear.

  6. Geoff B

    I think the most important things to have in my go bag would be the things people would scramble for at the beginning of the end. Water bottles, food bars, toothpaste and toilet paper!
    Once you get situated, you can improvise most everything else!
    Oh and my iPhone charger, assuming that the end of the world doesn’t ruin the LTE network, it would be incredibly handy to have my phone ready to use as a flashlight, map, and to look up first aid.

  7. karel

    I just need a usb drive with all my kids pics on it and I’ll be good. I saw No Safety in Numbers at the grocery store tonight and I can’t wait to read it!

  8. Isabelle

    I love the dogs of the drowned city books I just
    Love them so much I wish that you could turn
    The series into a movie that would be really cool
    For me and my family/friends to watch just please
    Please make it into a movie

  9. Bethany

    Hmmm… First off, I would grab my Bible; then the necessary supplies such as water, non-perishable food, and a zombie-slaying weapon. 🙂 I might even grab the Walking Dead series just in case if I need a little inspiration or advice (assuming that there is a working tv and DVD player somewhere)… I would probably grab everything in my medicine cabinet and stuff it in my bag. Then I would grab my pet bird Julio (my goldfish are just going to have to make it through this in their own). 🙂 and if they’re lucky, I might decide to take my little brother and older sister along.. (Just kidding, I love them) 😛 haha I might even carry along some light reading (No Safety In Number, of course!). I would also take along a journal to write about my experience and draw some zombies.. And assuming that it would still be working, my cell phone and phone charger. 😉 and then all of the other essential items such as toothpaste, a hairbrush, gummy bears, etc… Oh, and I almost forgot— my glasses! I can’t run into a zombie battle while I’m blind! 😉

  10. (-Glazier-)

    My go back includes a full EMS Trauma kit, a small airway bag, i always have one laptop in a bag ready to go, some food water, flashlights and a few other essential items.

    I cannot wait to read your new book, congrats on the little addition to your family!

    — Glazier

  11. Nichole Watkins

    My son loves your “Dogs of the Drowned City” books! He rereads them all the time. I would love to read your other books. Congratulations on your new additions (baby and book!) Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks! In my go bag I would have the Bible, another five favorite books, antibiotics, various other medications, first aide kit, bottled water, various packaged foods, lighter, toothpaste, pocket knife….hmmm…I think my go bag would get pretty heavy.

  12. Megy Davis

    My heavy waterproof bag will have my 78 lb dog, a large spoon to bury his doo, a 50′ nylon cord with wooden clothes pins because you never know what you will find to hang. Undies? Last, but not least my big red beads and lipstick because sometimes you just need to feel like a girl!

  13. Tara Hibbitts

    LOVE your no safety in numbers and can not wait till the second one comes out! Beautiful writing style. Thanks for such an amazing story. 🙂

  14. Cheyenne Haugen

    I read your “No Safety in Numbers” Trilogy a couple months ago and as a big fan of reading in general, I loved them. I’m posting a comment about my Go Bag simply because I’ve never seen this question before so here goes.

    My Go Bag would be an athletic bag. I would have a change of pants(1), shirts(2), running shoes, combat boots, MREs, Pistol with two loaded clips and two boxes of ammo. Solar charger for my iPod and the charger. Scrunchies, girl stuff, camp emergency blanket, simple first aid kit. I would also have a machete set strapped to my back with another pistol attached to my hip and two loaded clips that are easy to get to on my lower back. I would have a large, sturdy sun hat with drawstrings with a compass and whistle around my throat like a necklace. I would wear cargo pants (tan) with a long sleeve shirt (also tan).


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