I’m so excited about the prospect of a Graceling movie! Not only is Kristin a friend, but I am a huge fan of Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue. As a lover of the books, I wonder how the movies will change the stories, how well the production team’s imagining of the world will align with my own. Most of all, what actress will they find to play the fierce Katsa and can she ever be as amazing as the Katsa I pictured while reading the book?

This is the thing about books and movies—there’s always a disconnect. The movie will not—cannot be the same as the book. Some people will like the books better than the movies, some will like the movies better, some will only experience one or the other, and some will appreciate both for what they are.

Sometimes, battle lines are drawn: The books are triumphant! No, the movie was so much better! For die-hard Song of Ice and Fire readers—the series is A Song of Ice and Fire, not Game of Thrones—there’s this video. (This one’s not for the classroom or office; it’s got some *ahem* adult language…)

But even more rare is the book-movie pair where both the book and the movie are spectacular, where the one is as awesome as the other and there’s really not much debate about it. I would argue that the Princess Bride is the prime example of this kind of artistic equality—both the book and the movie versions are awesomesauce! Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the movie:

What other book-movie pairs do you think have a balanced level of awesome?

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