Today’s blog celebrates that other creative endeavor: visual art!

Above is pictured a piece of art sent to me by a fan (HURRAY FOR FAN MAIL!:) Thank you, Connor, for your awesome drawing! I also received this awesome drawing from Carter–Thank you, Carter!

As you might be able to tell, I spent today answering all the fan mail I’ve received in the last few months. Every letter made me smile (and maybe tear up a little). It is so amazing to hear from readers, to know that someone out there read and enjoyed my book.

I have been doing some artwork of my own these last few days. I am working on revamping my website and have been contemplating adding a “logo” or “mark” of some sort. And what better or more fitting mark than a giant squid?

Here are a few of my squid sketches. Let me know what you think!

And on the subject of visual art, what’s with all the John Carter hating? I had a great time watching it! Sure, it’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it features the greatest space-dog-alien-lizard-thing of all time and doesn’t that count for SOMETHING?
GO TEAM WOOLA! (I never got into the whole Twilight teams thing, and I feel like with The Hunger Games how can you be anything BUT Team Peeta, so I am going to start the TEAM WOOLA meme, right here right now, and no, there is no other team to vote for. There is Woola. Only Woola.) (Because he looks like Peetles.)

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