It’s here!

No Easy Way Out is BORN!

For all of you left hanging from the edge of your seat at the end of No Safety in Numbers, this will come as a relief. No Easy Way Out picks up right where No Safety ended. But Edge, don’t get all pouty. Your person will be back there, hanging from you, real soon…

To go along with the release of No Easy Way Out, I have a few author interviews out there in the world. You can learn some behind-the-scenes tidbits in my Q&As on the book blogs Book2Buzz and The Hiding Spot–I’m giving away a copy of No Easy Way Out as a part of both interviews, so enter to win there today! There’s also some fun insider stuff up on the official No Safety in Numbers series website. I appeared on a local TV show this morning to talk No Easy Way Out for Books Over Breakfast. And on July 27, I’ll be appearing LIVE AND IN PERSON at Bookstock in Woodstock, VT.

Back to the soundtrack…

I am a mix person—love making mixes, always have, always will. Since high school, I have agonized over what carefully curated string of songs will EXACTLY capture every possible nuance of my feelings for the receiver of said mix. It’s a bit sad, really, the effort I put into these things. But also not at all because mixes are a sacred gift passed between friends.

So for all you Edges and Edge Hangers—dear readers, dear friends, here’s my soundtrack for No Easy Way Out. I’m not going to explain the relevance of my choices or even the character each song connects with. But feel free to make guesses in the comments! No spoilers, though, please…:)

A Soundtrack for No Easy Way Out

  1. Feel So Close by Calvin Harris
  2. Underdog by Kasabian
  3. Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
  4. Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol
  5. Needing/Getting by OK Go
  6. My Moon My Man by Feist
  7. As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber
  8. Only Love by Ben Howard
  9. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  10. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
  11. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
  12. Die Young by Ke$ha
  13. Part of Me by Katy Perry
  14. Fences by Phoenix
  15. Secure Yourself by Indigo Girls
  16. Lay Me Down by Crosby & Nash
  17. Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode
  18. Sabotage by Beastie Boys

Of course, the trouble with mixes is that they only capture my musical take on the story. Did any song(s) pop into your head while you were reading No Easy Way Out? Who’s your favorite character, and what do you think his or her favorite song might be? Or what song do you think they might really need to hear at a certain moment in the story?

So go forth and read No Easy Way Out, then listen to my mix (or make your own mix!), and leave me a message about it in the comments!


16 Responses to “A Soundtrack for No Easy Way Out”

  1. Rebecca

    Just finished the second book today! I loved every second of it and I’m stuck here on the edge of my seat! You gotta tell me…. when’s the third one coming out??

    Your newest fan,
    Rebecca H.

    • Dayna

      Thanks, Rebecca! Thrilled to hear you loved it! Sorry, though, to leave you dangling on the edge of your seat:) The third book, No Dawn Without Darkness, is scheduled to be out in July 2014.

  2. Isabel

    Though this isn’t particulaly relavant to the post, i had a question involving the second book, but first, let me give you some backround info on my history with the series.

    When I first discovered ‘no safety in numbers’ I was at my local little library, trying to find books to read for a week long vacation I was about to embark on. The title seemed to jump at me and from the very first page I could not put it down. I grew attached to the characters and to the plot very quickly, and before I knew it ‘no easy way out’ was out and in stores.

    i quickly devoured the book as I had the first one, but the were two parts that stopped me, when Lexi and Shay both ccaught the strange strain of the flu. What I was wondering that if two of the main female characters are sick, and quite possibly dead, who will take over the narration for the two?

    in the second book it was not made clear whether or not they died. Their narration simply stopped after they caught the flu. I am wondering if that is to imply that they died or it was a clever plot twist by the author to keep readers hanging. Though I am sure all will be cleared up in the 3rd book.

    • Dayna

      Alas, I can’t answer your questions. But I do love a clever plot twist…:) All shall be revealed in Book 3, No Dawn Without Darkness, which is scheduled to be published next July! Thank you for reading! And for commenting! 🙂

  3. rockey

    just finished your second book today i got to say- i was hooked from the start. i thought it was so interesting to see marco change so much from the beginning of no safety in numbers till the end of no easy way out. i just cant wait for next july to find out what happens to the mall! i was wondering if this series has more then 3 books?

    • Dayna

      So happy to hear it, Rockey! Marco was such an interesting character to write–I had no idea he’d end up where he did in Book 2…and was surprised by where he goes from there! 🙂 Alas, there are only three books, but the story fits nicely into those three, I think:) Thanks for writing!

  4. sean

    Considering I almost started crying when I found out the next book is out in july! Gahhhh I can’t wait that long! I absoultley fell in love with the first book and I literally just finished the second book! Why oh why do you have to be such an amazing author?!?

  5. sav

    Thank you so much! I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this since Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief came out:)
    I hope Shay and Lexi are alright!
    And I love how you portrayed Shay! Instead of a nerdy Indian with a funny accent shown in so many movies and books, you let her actual personality show:)!
    Can’t wait for the next book:)

    • Dayna

      So thrilled to hear it! I love Shay, and am so glad she came across as a real person. She’s so very real to me:) Can’t wait to share it with you!

  6. Sierra

    Wow! These are some really awesome artists! The Killers rock! Lexi is my favorite character. I really relate to her “internet addiction” and her feelings in general. Kinda upset that we didn’t hear anything about her for about the last four chapter though. Thank you so much for being an awesome person. :3

    • Dayna

      Thanks, Sierra! The Killers do rock! I love putting together these soundtracks. Music is a huge part of my writing process. Sometimes, I need to find the perfect song to get me into the right emotional space to write a scene. Thank *you* for reading! And listening! 🙂

  7. Rodrigo Ayala Koo

    Just bought *No safety in numbers* in B&N!
    I love the narrative and I havent finshed yet!
    I have to get the 2nd book ASAP!!
    But… cant the book be published earlier??

    • Dayna

      You’re in luck! The second book, No Easy Way Out, is already published! 😀 Book 3, though, won’t be out until next summer…:(
      So happy to hear you’re enjoying No Safety!

  8. Gabriella

    Here are some of my guesses of why you put some of the songs:
    *WARNING* You shouldn’t read my guesses if you haven’t read the book as there are spoilers. Also, I’m well aware that not all my guesses will be right; I just wanted to guess. P.s., I didn’t do the first part of the soundtrack because I couldn’t really remember the timeline for the first part of the book all that well; though some of the songs I could guess just by looking at them, but didn’t want to because I didn’t know the timeline.


    9. Marco telling himself that survival is what mattered after Lexi approaches him at the party?
    10. Well, the partiers were singing the song
    11. Drew’s theme song
    12. Drew dies
    13. Ryan decides not to join Mike in his killing
    14. People in HomeMart?
    15. Marco’s plan to take out the cameras and hostage of the senator to get the virus
    16. Shay deciding to go to the med center with the two girls?
    17. Shay finds Preeti and apologizes for leaving
    18. The attacking of the med center


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