Happy October, everyone! It’s been a while since I hosted a contest, and so:


Did you know that the story of No Safety in Numbers begins on October 15th? That is Day One, so to speak, or, as I’m calling it, Quarantine Day! (For those of you who haven’t read the books, they concern thousands of people quarantined in a mall to prevent the spread of a virus:) And to celebrate Quarantine Day, I want to host the Spread the Love, not the Virus contest. By this I mean: to enter the contest, post a review for a recent book you’ve read and loved on Goodreads or Amazon or iBooks or Barnes&Noble or Powells and then link to it here in the comments. Any book, No Safety in Numbers or otherwise. I want to spread loving words about books of all stripes!

Why bother posting a review? you ask. I can just tell you about it here in the comments! you say. Which is awesome, for me and other commenters here. But the reviews on places like Amazon and Goodreads are crazy important for authors. They help to not only get other readers to pick up the book, but those reviews can influence promotional efforts by places like Amazon and even publishers. So by spreading the love in these public forums, you are really giving a favorite book and its author a big boost.

NEWO Launch BookpileFirst prize is a collection of paperback copies of all of my books, from both Dogs of the Drowned City and No Safety in Numbers, plus whatever swag I can fit in the box. The next two winners will receive paperback copies of the No Safety in Numbers series. And the first fifty entries (that’s right! Just for entering, you win a prize:) will all get a signed No Safety in Numbers bookmark. This contest is open in the U.S. and Canada only. Winners will be chosen through the entirely unglamorous method of pulling names out of a hat.

So please enter the contest by posting a comment with a link to your review below before 11:59:59pm on October 14th. Winners will be announced on QUARANTINE DAY! (That’s October 15th:)

Haven’t read anything you’ve loved lately? Might I recommend Bone Gap by Laura Ruby, or Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci, or Reality Boy by A.S. King. I read those recently and loved them! If you’re looking for some scary reads to get you in the mood for Halloween, check out this list from B&N, which includes No Safety in Numbers. #spreadthelovenotthevirus

Also, get your flu shot! Happy contesting!

3 Responses to “A NEW CONTEST to Celebrate Quarantine Day!”

  1. Thistle

    What an exciting contest, and great prizes! I’m not going to enter, because the prizes would be wasted on me (my eyes are awful, so I can’t read physical books anymore — I’m so happy there are ereaders with adjustable text size!). But I do love reviewing the books I’ve read.

    I hope other people enter soon, I’m looking forward to reading their reviews! 🙂

  2. Susan Ward

    I loved both the “Dogs of the Drowned City” and the “No Safety in Numbers” series. I always recommend them to the people I meet. I look forward to more books.

  3. Adam

    I liked your book No dawn without darkness. You are a great author I would love to have all your books.


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